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I began to work on SuperSonicHQ.org to show my Sonic fan comic, the Super Sonic Return Of The Death Egg. It's nice to show your work so I decided to share this feeling with all the Sonic fans and let them show their art too. This is the way the Super Sonic HQ, The Sonic Comics Headquarters born. Send me your comic too and show your art to everyone and have fun reading all the Sonic fan-comics.


About the Super Sonic Return Of The Death Egg:

Doctor Eggman decided to improve his old inventions to get the 7 precious Chaos Emeralds once and for all and take over the world using his robots. He starts his attack kidnapping Tails and stealing the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald at the same time, using a new machine to create illusions. Now Sonic and Knuckles must do anything to get their emeralds back, to rescue Tails, and to defeat the new Metal Sonic, the Death Egg and the others surprises the evil genius prepared for them.

The Story behind the Story:

This comic I started long time ago. I just had the 8-bit version of Sonic 2 and Sega was still working on the Sonic 3 for the Genesis console. The first version of this comic was called Return Of The Metal Sonic and was really huge, with a lot of time travels. I didn't even finish it. Later in 1996, I decided to recreate the story renaming it to Return Of The Death Egg. This new version I cut the time travels and I included two new characters: Knuckles and EggRobo. The result was good and I created two more episodes to this saga. The Story was good but was too hard. I was so excited watching the Saint Seiya series that I did the battles too bloody. After some time, I decided to recreate again the first episode changing the Story and correcting some mistakes that wasn' matching the games story line. Then, in Abril 2000, was born the new version called Super Sonic Return Of The Death Egg. This is the version that you can read here in this home page, but I has to change some dialogue and texts again to match the games story line. Things like the Kintobor story and other elements that is only in comics and aren't in the games. Hope you like this new and improved version of Super Sonic Return Of The Death Egg.


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