[WHO I AM]


My name is Rogerio Ferraz Da Silva, I'm Brazilian, I'm 27 years old and I'm working currently in São Paulo as the designer of the Kiderbooks Publishing House.
I did the Artistic and Publicity Drawing course at the Intituto Universal Brasileiro, Comics course at ABRA and I'm currently doing the 2D Animation course at the HGN Produções.
Since before its release day, I was anxious already to play Sonic, just because of the 3 prototype screenshots I had in a games magazine called SuperGame. Once I played it for the first time, it has became my favourite game. I am a Sonic fan since this time and I've been always learning about his story line and about how to draw him. Since many Sonic games from Master System, Mega Drive, Game Gear, Sega CD, Dreamcast and from computer, besides everything I research from the internet and magazines, I've been creating a Sonic comic to please all the fans like me, who wanted some material really close to the games story line, but not the same history we already know from them. Now I want to show not only my comic, but all the Sonic comics from fans like me so your participation is very important to me. I hope you all enjoy the Super Sonic HQ site, my comic Super Sonic Return Of The Death Egg and all the fan comics published here .
You can see more of my drawings in my Fotolog and in my Deviantart page.

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