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If you have any doubt or if you want to make any question, send an e-mail toand it will be answered by e-mail and maybe it will be posted here. So, before you send you e-mail, check out if your question is not answered below:
General information and rules about sending your comics

• This is a Sonic fans home page and the comics must have him or some Sonic related character as the main character. I will not post your own characters comics. But they're allowed to be in your comics taking part of the story. For non-Sonic characters it's the same thing.

• The comics can have any height you want and any number of images you want, but it's width can't be more than 614 pixels. The pages will be hosted in a Photobucket account and, respecting their rules, I can't upload a image bigger than 1 Mega (1000K).

• The accepted image formats are following: JPG, PNG, and GIF. Try some of them and choose the lighter but be careful to not lose much quality, nobody want to be wainting a long time to load the page and just then read your comic after all. The BMP format will not be accepted because it's too big.

• If you have a Hotmail account be careful, they usually reduce the attached images. If that's the case or if your e-mail do that too, send me your comic pages inside a ZIP file.

• Each user can post only 3 comics at the same time. If you want to add a new comic, you have to finish one of these 3 before.

• Respect the comics' comments page and use then only to talk about the comic. It's not a chat room and anyone who doesn't respect this will be banned.

• Any comics divided by seasons or not must have at least 20 pages to have a new "preview" box. So if your comic has less than 20 pages, a new season or a new chapter will be added in the same page and "preview box" than the older's.

Bad words and blood are not forbidden, but I don't recommend it because these kind of things doesn't match the Sonic style and personality.

• The e-mail adresss to send your comic is

• To cancel a comic, just send me an e-mail message telling your name and the name of your comic that you wish to cancel and it will be excluded in the next update.

--------------------------------------------------------------- Doubts and frequent questions

When do you will post a new Super Sonic Return Of The Death Egg episode?
R: I created this website as a fan and I don't receive any money from here, so I need to work and my life had been in a rush. I'm sorry for the delay but I try to dedicate the most of the free time I can. Once the new episodes are ready or any news about it will be reported in the "updates" page.

If you don't receive any money what are these ads?
R: All the money from these ads will be invested in better hosts or in the domain.

When do you will post the new episode of ...?
R: I never charge and I'll never charge any kind of term or time limit for the comics delivery. This is a fan site and each artist here do their comics when they can. So as I, everyone here have their own personal lives.

I already sent my comics but it's still not in the website!!! What is happening?
R: Maybe I'm very busy and I couldn't update the website right now. But if it's not the case check out your e-mail box, because if your comic comes with any problem or something I explained above, I must sent you a reply. If you didn't receive any reply it could be some problem when you tried to send it. Just try again.

Rogerio Ferraz Da Silva

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