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SEGA references on the Story of
Sonic The Hedgehog

● Movies
Let's see if you can guess?
He came from the future, where things are really bad and everyone is losing their hope. He is now in the present days to stop something, an event where everything bad in his future begins to happen. He is here to find someone and stop him, at any cost.
If you're thinking about the Terminator, you're wrong. But now you'll figure out:
He have psychokinesis powers and is capable of bending metallic things and levitate objects.
No, he's not one of the X-Men. I'm talking about Silver The Hedgehog, one of the new characters from the Playstation 3 and XBox 360 game called Sonic The Hedgehog.
Death Egg e o Death StarThis is not the first time we found some movie reference in Sonic series. Sega paid tribute to the Death Star, the super moon shaped space station from Star Wars movies, but with the Dr. Eggman's face. This space station first appeared in Sonic 2 for the Genesis console and is called Death Egg.

● Comics and animation
Another reference in Sonic games universe that everybody knows comes from the japanese comics and animation series called Dragon Ball.
Sonic must collect the 7 powerful Chaos Emeralds before the enemy, and in Dragon Ball, Goku must collect the 7 powerful Dragon Spheres before the enemy.
Goku na forma de Super Saiyajin e Sonic na forma de Super Sonic
When Sonic changes into Super Sonic, his spines colour changes to yellow and are forced upward as if it's on fire, and in Dragon Ball Z, when Goku becomes a Super Saiyan, his hair colour changes to yellow and is forced upward as if it's on fire.
Besides, there's some resemblances between Knuckles and Vegeta, because they both was on the enemy's side and now they join forces with the hero sometimes, even though they have some kind of disagreement.


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